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We hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer.

Sound has a great power locked within it to reach higher levels of consciousness. We all know that chanting is the foundation of our spiritual success. In August, HG Bhuta Bhavana dasa will facilitate a workshop to help deepen our relationship with the holy name.

In September, we are honoured to have with us HG Devaki devi dasi, Founder of the Institute for Spiritual Culture in Mayapur, sharing on the very relevant subject of harmonising male-female relationships. Also, our head priest, HG Murli Manohara dasa will take us on a fascinating journey with a mystical saint who will teach us practical life lessons by observing the world around us.

Take the transformative journey into living a healthy lifestyle with our diet and wellness seminar and upcoming yoga classes. We will also soon start our next session of Bhakti Sastri. Stay tuned for more details!

We hope to see you soon.

Best wishes,
London College of Vedic Studies
Bhakti Yoga for Beginners
An enlivening introduction to the eastern spiritual wisdom and practice

Date: Saturday 28th July
Time: 10am - 1pm

Bhakti-yoga is not an armchair philosophy, a religious doctrine or a Sunday ritual. It is a way of life. This course is for anyone who wants to know about the philosophy and practices of the bhakti tradition.
The Sonic Escape
Deepen your sacred relationship with the holy name

Date: Sunday 12th August
Time: 10.30am - 1.30pm

Are you looking for a paradigm shift in your chanting? Do you want to achieve deeper levels of chanting? This seminar will provide new insights and valuable techniques to help you do so!
24 Gurus
Eternal wisdom revealed by a mysterious saint in the Srimad Bhagavatam

Dates: Friday 7th & Saturday 8th September
Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Find out how an ancient saint took instruction from a wide variety of teachers (the earth, a mountain, a snake, an elephant, from fire, the wind and many more) simply by observing and studying their behaviour. What did he learn and how can we also learn from the world around us?
A Healthy Diet for a Healthier Lifestyle
Learn about balanced diet & nutrition for optimal health & well-being

Dates: Sunday 9th September
Time: 10.30am - 1pm

We often hear the common phrase "you are what you eat". An awareness of the digestive processes and the choices we make in eating can help to achieve both physical and mental balance, bringing peace and well being. In this seminar you will learn how to eat in a healthy way that nurtures your body, mind and soul.
Being in Harmony with the Opposite Gender
Discover the role and duties of men and women for a stable and harmonious society

Date: Saturday 22nd September
Time: 10.30am - 5pm

Discover the highly important role and duties of men and women within society - how the powerful feminine energy is meant to complement and inspire the male nature, on all levels: within marriage, within management and within society at large.
One-to-One Instrument Lessons
Learn to play kartals, mridanga or harmonium

Date: Ongoing, Tuesday - Friday
Time: After 3pm (Via prior booking with facilitator)

Traditional musical instruments are crucial for accompanying vibrant and soul-stirring kirtans. Learn different aspects of devotional music from an experienced kirtan musician.
Holistic Yoga for Women
Holistic Yoga for Women
Nourish your body, mind and soul through yoga and mantra meditation

Day: Every Friday
Time: 6pm - 7.30pm

Yoga has many benefits but primarily, a regular yoga practice helps our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing at all stages of life. In these sessions you will also learn how easily you can incorporate a simple yoga regime in your daily schedule.

More details will be available in the coming weeks.
Bhakti Sastri
Bhakti Sastri
A lifetime investment to systematically study Srila Prabhupada's books

Day: Every Sunday (for 1 year)
Time: 10.30am - 1.30pm

This course takes a personal approach to learning with interactive sessions on the wisdom from the East. It explores the Vedic philosophy along with practical applications in the modern day life.

More details will be available in the coming weeks.
HG Chaitanya Charan dasa delivered a powerful seminar on the importance of cultivating gratitude in our lives.
Our Mind
HG Mahatma dasa delivered a relevant seminar on 'Mind - our best friend or worst enemy?'.
Mysteries of the Sacred Universe
HG Murali Gopal dasa from the Bhaktivedanta Institute for Higher Studies unravelled the secrets of the fascinating cosmos in his workshop 'Mysteries of the Sacred Universe'.
Power of Habits
We were honoured to have HH Bhakti Rasamrita Swami with us talking on the 'Power of Habits'. For further details on this seminar visit: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=64256.